Consulting Services

lodo cloud solutions, exchange servers and virtual desktopsConsulting Services


LoDo Cloud Solutions believes in partnering with client organizations by understanding their needs and providing top tier consultants and permanent staff.  Our company is founded by IT professionals who have spent many years in the field leading technical projects and programs.  We leverage this knowledge and experience to identify and promote qualified consultants fully capable of exceeding client expectations.  When you are part of LoDo Cloud Solutions, you are part of a community.

LoDo Cloud Solutions will be with you throughout delivery.  We bring over 50 years of IT experience to the table and we want to share that with your organization in order to ensure successful delivery.  We are also pleased to provide external program/project oversight.  Our team has constructed an extensive repository of organized documentation to provide our clients with the proper tools to be successful which includes:

  • Project Management Office:  We like to think of this as PMO in a box.  Our team has pulled together an entire repository of documentation to support any mainstream project management methodology including PMI, Agile, or RUP which is available to our consultants at any time.  This includes tools, templates, modeling, and reference presentations.
  • Configuration Management Planning:  LoDo Cloud Solutions has generated a great deal of documentation to support a sound configuration management strategy.  Our team has been through and passed full IV&V assessments with the available tools and knowledge base.
  • Deployment & Release Planning:  LoDo Cloud Solutions has extensive experience in the development and execution of deployment and release planning playbooks.  We know what it takes to get your code methodically deployed through the downstream environments and into production.
  • Integration Planning:  Mature organizations realize that building everything from scratch is a long and difficult road.  Today, companies are advancing to leverages services across their ecosystems as well as services and micro services which exist outside the firewall.  LoDo Cloud Solutions can help to identify a framework and reference architecture to support your ongoing efforts in integration.
  • Scorecarding:  LoDo Cloud Solutions is capable of helping your organization to properly scorecard and analyze vendors and their associated capabilities.  Let us support your efforts to complete due diligence as you determine which organizations you choose to partner.