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'Our experience with LoDoCloud has been excellent. Our company had many issues with our Outlook Hosted Exchange and Ed had the experience to iron them all out in a short amount of time. He uses a support ticketing system that keeps the job organized for both him and us. I found this very valuable, because I can look back on it in 6 months and know exactly what work was done on our computers. He was also extremely pleasant and nice to work with. I highly recommend his company and services.'
- Sheryl, Drain Master, LLC

'Even while riding his bike on the way to the Colorado Rockies' game on a SUNDAY, Ed was able to help me properly load and configure our new anti-virus software on both our server and several of our desktops! This is EXACTLY the kind of personal service that we really appreciate about Ed and his team at LoDoCloud! Without a doubt, we'd be in a world of hurt without Ed's dedication to ensuring we’re up-and-running. Thanks Ed and the LoDoCloud team!!'
- Woody B., Atwood & Associates

'With a number of our employees working in remote locations across the country, finding a single network administrator to handle all of our company needs was quite a challenge. LoDoCloud has made managing our network and computer equipment effortless. From providing virus removal to remote PC maintenance and network configurations / backup solutions, their expertise, professionalism, and proactive approach have allowed us to focus on our business without worrying about the health or availability of our equipment.'
- Tom Ebner, President MaxPower Corp., Denver

'As a solo attorney handling hundreds of workers' compensation and Social Security disability cases, I have little tolerance for computer problems. Yet, before I hired Ed, I experienced two devastating computer crashes. Fortunately, Ed came to my rescue and worked late into the night on more than one occasion to put my system back together. He not only implemented processes that prevented future failures, but he been a partner continually coming up with creative and effective solutions for my IT problems. Although it has been years since a crash, and fortunately I see him much less frequently, Ed continues to show the kind of attention to detail desirable in an IT professional.'
- Stephanie Stevenson, Attorney at Law

'LoDoCloud was able to completely restore all of Graphik's computers for maximum efficiency, updating necessary information and providing maximum security. Excellent, down-to-earth service.'
- Kristy Wingfield, Principal, Graphik Creative, LLC