IT Staffing


At LoDoCloud we know that the needs of our clients have to be flexible. This includes permanent, contract, and contract to hire. We are happy to engage our clients with an arrangement that fits their needs.  We are equally happy to come up with ways to maintain a healthy bottom line for our clients by applying cost conservative methods to remain within or below budget.  We realize that there needs to be a delicate balance between the number of resources, the seniority of talent, and the associated costs. Let us help you to come up with a strategy that fits your needs now and in the future.


LoDoCloud's staffing services are more than just another staff augmentation resource. We are founded on a deep understanding of project management methodology, SDLC process improvements, operations, and implementation strategy. We have resources on staff to provide analysis and pragmatic solutions to your delivery challenges. Simply stated, you cannot solve the problem without first understanding the problem and then having a clear strategy in place to prioritize and implement. Let us help you to evaluate, plan, and execute based upon your unique needs.


LoDoCloud is committed to exceeding the expectations of our clients.  We do this by ensuring that we have a detailed understanding of your technological needs.  Once our clients have provided us with a description of the roles which need to be filled, our team will fully leverage internal and external resources to ensure that our clients have the right person for the job. We will NOT simply do a search on the web based upon technical acronyms and buzz words. Rather, we will spend the time necessary to understand the domain and how candidates meet the associated needs. Once we have a reasonable comprehension, we will present only those candidates which fit job description and the culture.


The reality is that no single resource can meet all needs.  LoDoCloud is connected through our team with a wide network of professionals capable of providing support both from a consultative perspective as well as a resource perspective.  In the event that LoDoCloud cannot meet the needs of our clients, we are happy to refer to partners capable of achieving specific goals.  This does not mean that LoDoCloud will gain financially by padding the cost of these extended relationships.  Our intent is to do the right thing and to strengthen our partnerships with our clients.