Cloud Solutions

Cloud Exchange Servers

Share Contacts, Calendars, and Email Anywhere!

Email has become vital to conducting business today. That's why LoDoCloud chose the world standard, Microsoft Exchange, for our business class email and messaging solution. Step up to the features that define email messaging worldwide, using either the desktop client or Outlook Web Access app to access email remotely. If your organization is already using Exchange, your employees will continue to enjoy the same feature-rich experience. We designed our solution to scale as your business grows - you pay only for the mailboxes you need, giving you a lower total cost of ownership.

Cloud Servers

Share Applications and Data Anywhere!

Cloud Servers are a virtual server solution built on highly redundant hardware, providing you with an easy solution to grow and protect your business by using server provisioning in the Cloud. You get full access to the operating system allowing you to use and share mission critical applications and files. LoDoCloud offers you a reliable, secure solution that fits your individual business needs. Our cloud servers are housed in a redundant, highly resilient data center environment to ensure maximum uptime and enterprise level cloud computing that is scaled to grow as your business does.

Virtual Desktops

Your Personal Virtual Computer Anywhere!

A virtual desktop means that a user's desktop environment (the icons, wallpaper, windows, folders, toolbars, widgets, etc.) is stored remotely on a server, rather than on a local PC or other client computing device. Desktop virtualization software separates the desktop operating systems, applications, and data from the hardware client, storing this "virtual desktop" on a remote server. Desktop virtualization delivers on-demand desktops to users for anytime, anywhere, any device access. This provides employees with full access to their complete business desktop from multiple devices, such as their home PC, a smart phone, or an iPad. Easy access to a virtualized desktop can help people to be more productive, because all they need to work is an Internet connection from any device, anywhere.